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Pearl Resort 1
Pearl Resort 2
Pearl Resort 3
Pearl Resort 4
Pearl Resort 5
Pearl Resort 6
Pearl Resort 7
Pearl Resort 8
Pearl Resort 9
Pearl Resort 10

Comprised with excellent framework and

distinctive elegant fabric formation, the tensile membrane roof awning cover protects you from harsh elements. This Resorts Tensile Membrane Roof was designed to withstand Category 4 Tropical Cyclone Winds. 

SCC Suva Market Carpark 1
SCC Suva Market Carpark 2
SCC Suva Market Carpark 3
SCC Suva Market Carpark 4
SCC Suva Market Carpark 5
SCC Suva Market Carpark 6
SCC Suva Market Carpark 7
SCC Suva Market Carpark 8

From design to installation, the SCC Suva Market car park and juice stand barrel vault structures were engineered to the highest standards providing shelter to market patrons and their vehicles whilst improving the aesthetics of the market for years to come. 

Private Resident 1
Private Resident 2
Private Resident 3
Private Resident 4
Private Resident 5
Private Resident 6
Private Resident 7
Private Resident 8
Private Resident 9

Tensioned membrane structures are an efficient, aesthetically pleasing and elegant method of covering large spaces. Our team can work with you to arrive at a design that will help you realize the full potential of a space whilst improving the value of your home or business. Our structures can be engineered to your budget requirements and space constraints.

Malolo 1
Malolo 2
Malolo 3
Malolo 4
Malolo 5
Job Site Crew

Outdoor blinds were custom made for multiple locations on the island resort to provide internal shade and comfort and to shield occupants from wind swept rain. These blinds utilized a 5% openness factor. We are able to go as low as 1% openness.

Momi 1
Momi 2
Momi 3
Momi 4
Momi 5
Momi 6

The pool and children's play area Hypar (4 point tensioned membrane) and shade sales provide much needed shelter from the sun and a visually pleasing aesthetic for the resort guests.

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